Because you cannot make it through this epic RPG without knowing/learning these new words:

Barely-alcoholic-at-all-ma'am; pronounced bare-lee-al-coh-holl-ick-at-all-marm

Phoenix's favourite kind of drink.

Chaoser; pronounced kay-oss-er

A member of or character pertaining to the main cast of Orderly Chaos.

Confusing; pronounced con-fuze-ing

Pretty much everything on Orderly Chaos.

Deserted alley; pronounced dee-zer-ted al-ee

An alley that is dark, dreary, and bursting with potential for an array of misfits to bump into one another and start an adventure (note: said alley is hardly ever actually deserted, and while any has alley the potential to one day become a deserted alley, hardly ever would one alley keep this title for any extended period of time).

Hexen; pronounced hex-un/en

(1)Witch, in German, (2)a nasty woman (derogative), (3)a woman you have no way of permanently stopping with the capability to totally pwn and infuriate you.

Mad; pronounced mad

(1) All the members are this. It's why the roleplays are so fun. e.g. "CotO was mad." (2) A lot of the characters are this. e.g. "Geier's mad," whispered Cass. (3) Dandi Leona Clocks is this. e.g. "I'm Dandi Leona Clocks. I'm mad."

Member; pronounced mem-burr

A rare and exotic creature with the power to create and control Chaosers (see above).

Not-a-fire-demon; pronounced not-uh-fie-er-dee-mun

A person believed to be otherwise human with the inexplicable ability to spout fire at will. See:Emily "Phoenix" Shifter.

OC; pronounced oh-see

(1) An abbrieviation of Orderly Chaos. (2) An abbrieviation of Original Character, a character created by a member.

OCer; pronounced oh-see-er/oh-seer

(1)A roleplayer involved in the RPG Orderly Chaos, (2)a person who garnered the obsession and geekiness to understand at least half the words in this vocabulary before reading the definition.

Panwhore; pronounced pan-hor

(1)A man entangled in sexual activity with Lord Pan, e.g. “Manwhore? I know not this ‘manwhore’ of which you speak. However, Geier von Engelmacher is our resident Panwhore”, (2)a man lusting after sexual activity with Lord Pan, (3)an otherwise haughty individual who generally debases himself sexually and socially for the sake of Lord Pan. (4) More commonly: Erik von Heidegger.

Peak time; pronounced peek- tyme

The time of day when most Members are online.

Please-ignore-my-voice; pronounced pleeze-igg-naw-my-voys

What Gwydion Gwener frequently says when introducing himself.

Regular; pronounced reg-you-lur

A subspecies of Members. Regulars are members who post commonly.