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Pan, by ~candyexorcist

Over five hundred years old and suffering, presumably, from Satyr syndrome, Pan has caused more than a few problems for the cast, if only because he killed/converted three of them and attempted to do the same to Phoenix. He therefore thoroughly earnt the dubious honour of being not only the least helpful of the team chosen to take down Jonathan Teatime, but also the first profiled character to be murdered during the threads by another cast member.


Largely (perhaps mercifully) a mystery. It's known that he was born to vampire nobility; that his parents died when he was fairly young in vampire years; that Stefan, Geier and Cassandra (in that order) are his last three conquests, and that having spent five centuries collecting and converting lovers, seducing the wary and unwary alike and forcing them into violent lovemaking games, he refers to all his sexual conquests as "seers", for the reason that none of them foresee him murdering them post-conversion in time to save themselves – except for the most devoted, Geier, who used his own extrasensory acuity to read Pan's mind and stumbled across memories of previous seers' deaths. Considering Geier's tendency toward bursts of irrational violence at the best of times, this resulted in Pan's mutilation beyond all hope of regeneration.


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Unpleasant enough for even his creator to enjoy the thought of him being trapped in a jar of helium.

In a word, revolting. In a few more words: magnetic, arrogant, pompous, cruel, seductive, egotistical, sarcastic, lazy in every respect not connected to immediate personal gain, petty, selfish and lewd.

It's been shown that Pan cannot form genuine emotional connections, leading him to torment and manipulate others so that he can observe their emotional reactions and, as it were, bask in the reflected glory to approximate the impact of those feelings. Which makes him a superior, sensual, slimy, sexy, sadomasochistic, sociopathic son of a bitch – and a hell of a tongue-twister for anyone with a lisp.


Six foot three inches and slender, with electric green eyes and long red hair, Pan does nothing to dissuade
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Fig. B

attention from either sex. Always seen in a waistcoat, and always wears his hair loose. He's also occasionally described as wearing cravats and gloves (good for peeling off seductively; see Fig. B).

Universe Crossover QualitiesEdit

Unfortunately, magnificent bastards can be found in every parallel universe there is. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Pan once found his twisty little way into the office (and heart/bed/neck) of Lyla Alden, non-Disc inhabitant and brilliant yet amoral psychologist. Chalk it up to authors' insatiable curiosity and overactive imaginations.