Child of the ocean

A screenshot of CotO's username

Child of the Ocean, also as CotO, Coto or simply Ocean, is incredibly annoying a member of Orderly Chaos. He made his first post on May 16th, 2011.


Coto is sarcastic, impulsive and strange. (And he's writing this in the third person.) He is also kind (comparitively), thoughtful (sometimes), and a good friend. (Sort of.)

He has great ideas when it comes to the forum: he thought up Orderly Chaos: The Video Game and this wiki. He tends to alternate rapidly between thoughtful-and-sensitive and hyperactive. He is (much to She Who Shines' amusement) quite witty and characterized by his enthusiasm for all things OC, as well as his miraculous ability to actually UNDERSTAND the chaos that is orderly even when it isn't. Orderly, that is.

He is also probably the only person on OC who can say, spell and translate the Welsh place name Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.


Existing charactersEdit

To date, Coto has only RPed as three characters, although he is planning to introduce more.

Characters soon to comeEdit

  • Gwydion Gwener (Nightworld)
  • Dandi Leona Clocks (Nightworld)
  • Possibly: Five Star (Nightworld)

Favourite pairings?Edit

Coto likes many pairings, but doesn't normally mention them. Some are: