A view of the castle's highest tower.

The headquarters of the Jägerpuppen, former residence of Lord Pan, and current no-woman's-land. Unless said women are being invited in for lunch.

Locations of note within the castle include:


All of Ansel's disturbing and unethical experiments occur here.

Ground floorEdit

Contains the rarely-used kitchen, a large entrance hall (where Dallan is converted in Nightworld), a dining room and the reception hall in which the latter half of the Francis-centric fic "Reaching More" takes place, as well as the armory.

Second floorEdit

Sébastien's room, Geier's former bedroom (now empty and locked), Pan's bedroom (ditto) and Riley's room.

Third floorEdit

Robin's room, Ansel's room (where he spends little of his time) and the library.


The tallest of the towers (the square one seen in the photo to right) houses the lord's chambers on its highest level, with Francis' room just below. Gunnlaug's room is located in the smaller, circular one visible just to its left.